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Focusing On Your Future With An Employment-Based Visa

Many immigrants come to the United States using employment-based visas. Employers can get involved by sponsoring immigrants and offering them jobs in advance, making it easier to get visa approval. This allows companies to seek talent in a global marketplace, and it provides opportunities for skilled workers to seek the career advancements they’re looking for in the United States.

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The 5 Main Employment-Based Visas

One of the main things people ask immigration attorneys is what options they have and which visa they may qualify for. Below are a few of the major EB visas in use today:

  1. EB-1: These are for researchers, professors, executives and others who have an extraordinary ability.
  2. EB-2: These visas are used for those with exceptional abilities, job offers or an advanced degree.
  3. EB-3: The EB-3 visa is used for a skilled worker who has at least two years of experience, and for some unskilled workers.
  4. EB-4: This visa applies to special immigrants, which could include members of the military, physicians, religious workers and the like.
  5. EB-5: This visa is for foreign investors. Since 2022 the minimum investment amount is $800,000 for projects in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA) and $1,050,000 for non-TEA projects.

As you can see, exactly which visa you qualify for will depend on the specifics of your situation.

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